Musings and scribblings

22. Mar, 2018

I've never been a huge fan of Facebook, given that the majority of the things my facebook friends seem to post are things that they could say in person. It tends to be praising their live in partner, or their children to the skies, things I'm sure are lovely for the person to hear, but don't exactly need to be posted on Facebook. However it has been useful for the burgeoning writing business I'm trying to set up, well until the revelations of the last few days anyway. 

It's clear that the majority of the management of Facebook don't care all that much about the privacy of their members, passing on data without our knowledge, and allowing different companies to know things that they don't necessarily need to. 

My uncle used to be a high level computer programmer, and he still knows a lot about what programmers are able to winkle out of people's personal profiles on social media. It's scary some of the stories that he has told, and makes me very wary of trusting the providers. 


17. Mar, 2018

I was saddened to read that he had died. It was him who was responsible for creating costumes for Audrey Hepburn, who always looked elegant, classical and yet had a somewhat achievable look . He designed for her for her roles in Breakfast at Tiffany's onwards, and created the little black dress. 


15. Mar, 2018

I have never had a great amount of knowledge or interest when it comes to Science, but it wasn't hard to admire Stephen Hawking. Leaving aside his towering intellect, he was obviously a incredibly strong individual, to have coped with his illness for so long and still maintained his sense of self. 

His sense of humour didn't seem to desert him, and he was involved with the Simpsons, the Big Bang Theory poking gentle humour at himself, and the public persona he projected. The fact that he lived with Motor Neurone disease for so long, when medical professionals had initially predicted that he would only have two years, when he was first diagnosed is both a tribute to his strength, and the skill of the medical professionals that treated him over the years. 

The tributes that have been made since the announcement of his death, have come from experts in science such as Neil Degrasse Tyson, and members of the public which shows his influence. He was not only influential in shaping the way that Science sees the universe, but influenced the wider public in the way to view those with disabilities, or illnesses. 

14. Mar, 2018

I'm more than a bit scared of the fact that Trump is going to be talking face to face with North Korea's leader. Neither of them project the most stable personality to the world, and there has been a distinct lack of tact displayed by Trump. Previous presidents had well informed and articulate people in their administrations, and still didn't manage to get a accord with the North Koreans, how on earth can Trump with his tendency to resort to playground taunts and nicknames?

Not to mention the fact that he has just fired Tillerson, who had been establishing connections over the course of the Trump presidency. How long will it take for the replacement to feel comfortable in the role? 

14. Mar, 2018

The second book has been plaguing me for quite a while, storylines popping into my head at the most random of times. It's good that I'm not in the middle of a creative drought, but sometimes I wish I had a few less ideas. It's always in the wee small hours that the best ideas seem to come, and of course then I can never get back to sleep, because I have to write it down.