Musings and scribblings

30. Jan, 2019

This is something that has been bandied about ever since Donald Trump began his presidential campaign. The idea of making America great again, is something that I have found confusing as from the perspective of a United Kingdom resident who believes that people should be treated equally regardless of any characteristic that they can't help, such as their skin colour, their gender, or their sexuality, it seemed that the United States was on their way to being a great country to live in. 

However those that support Trump clearly don't believe that it was great. Obviously I don't know too much about their individual lives and situations, as aside from reading newspaper reports and books which focus on the 'rust belt' states, but there seems to be a hatred being stoked by the Trump administration against anyone that is not a white male. 

This hatred has exploded this week, as a openly gay black actor Jussie Smollett, who stars in a show called Empire, was attacked. The attack was reportedly sparked by the fact that he is black and gay, as the people behind the attack shouted racist and homophobic slurs before the attack. The injuries he suffered, have been revealed to be the result of physical blows, a noose being put around his neck, and bleach being thrown onto his body. 

I don't understand how you could reach a point, when you think that attacking someone based on the fact that they were born loving those of their own sex, is acceptable. Donald Trump deserves a little of the blame for this incident, as he has based his politicial career on targeting anyone who is from a minority.

Thankfully Jussie Smollett has reportedly been discharged from hospital, and was able to get himself there after the attack, so hopefully has not suffered life changing injuries. However regardless of the severity of his injuries, it's appalling to me to think that he was hurt because of something he should be celebrated for. I don't understand how those who believe in 'MAGA' hope to make their country great when attacking other US citizens.  

19. Oct, 2018

I have recently joined a social media app called shapr, which is a blend between linkedin and Tinder. You have to swipe left or right depending on your interest in connecting with working people. It's been very useful so far, I have made connections with a variety of different people such as a magician, a digital media business owner and a translator. 

Early days but hopefully something exciting will come from it for me. 

1. Jun, 2018

There has been a lot written in the wake of Roseanne Barr's racist tweets which resulted in the cancellation of her programme. She has claimed that it was a joke which went too far, and that she regrets it now, but I'm sorry I don't believe that. I obviously don't know anything of the circumstances in which she sent the tweet out, whether she was chemically altered as she claimed, citing Ambien as a cause behind it, but I doubt that a woman who has been in the public eye for as long as she has been would have been unaware of the potential consquences of revealing her racist tendencies to the wider public. 

I don't know if she genuinely believes in comparing black people to apes, but regardless it's a old fashioned and hurtful position to take, especially for a woman in her position. I know that she is a Trump supporter, and might share some of the views that he has revealed in terms of other nationalities, but it was still a surprise to hear. 

I have not heard such a comparison in many years, and even then it had come from a child. You can understand and forgive such a mindset in a child, given that most of their view points have come from adults that surround them. However it's impossible for me to forgive the same view point when coming from a fully grown adult who has the platform to influence a wide range of people. There is enough hatred and mistrust of those who look different from us in the world at the moment, the last thing that we need as a global society is people causing more division. 

Trump's version of America seems to be shifting relentlessly into a place where it is acceptable to be overtly racist and abusive towards anyone who doesn't resemble you physically, or that doesn't share your personal views. It's a great shame for those that had worked alongside Roseanne Barr on the programme, as obviously all the cast and crew will have to find new positions regardless of whether they were actively against her racist point of view or not. 

19. May, 2018

The Royal wedding is obviously a great day for those that actually know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on a personal level, but it's been a great day for me too. 

It's refreshing to have a day where the majority of the news is about how much a couple love each other, after all of the negative events happening in the world right now. What with the issues of Brexit, the Paris Agreement, Windrush scandal, the Iran deal and other things that can inspire hatred and fear. 

I have felt a sympathy and empathy for Prince William and Prince Harry ever since the tragic loss of their mother, and can still remember clearly watching the two of them walking alongside their grandfather, uncle and father behind their mother's coffin, while photographs were taken. I was only fifteen at the time, and didn't fully understand why they had to do that, and being in awe of them for being able to find the strength. I couldn't imagine losing my mother, and wondered how the brothers would heal from such a loss. 

I was glad to see the unfolding of Kate Middleton's relationship with Prince William, and was one of the many who rejoiced in their wedding. That he had found someone to share a committed and loving relationship with him, after suffering that loss. 

I know that a lot of people were hopeful that Prince Harry would find the same, and this day has proven that he has found someone who shares his sensibilities and priorities, as well as the fact of a deep love existing between them. I'm just going by the looks that have been recorded as passing between them, ever since their first official outing before the press. 

It was lovely to see the blending of the couple's different cultural influences such as the Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the Episcopal church giving the service. There was a definite difference in the way that they presented themselves and their religious beliefs, but I personally found the Episcopal preacher's sermon to be inspiring and powerful. 

It was refreshing to see guests and performers who were other than white as well. As a mixed race woman, I have never seen so many faces who share my skin tone and that of my father's participating in and attending a Royal wedding. 

17. May, 2018

Theresa May has finally announced that she and her government will be releasing 400 million in funds to assist councils in removing dangerous cladding of the type that contributed to the horrific fire at Grenfell. It's a positive step in a lot of ways, but I, and many people are questioning whether the amount will actually be enough for all of the affected towers to have the work done. 

Another question is why has had it taken so long for this to happen? The residents who survived have been pleading for something to be done for months, and most recently were left disappointed by Theresa May's reaction when she met with them. One of the people she met with actually referred to her as 'being on another planet'.