Sarah Doughty

Photo from Sarah's 'About' Page

I only discovered Sarah's work this year, but her poetry is incredible. The first one that I read was called 'desiccated soul' and it reminded me of William Blake's Sick Sick Rose. She writes micro poetry, of great emotional power, and is also the author of free fantasy Ebooks. 

Here are some of her poems: 

Desiccated Soul

I’m not a delicate flower,
something you cherish
for all your days.
I’m that black rose,
wilted and withering.
The thing no one wants.
No matter how you look at it,
there’s no fixing
my desiccated soul.

© Sarah Doughty


Everyone has demons.
With a little luck,
a touch of soul,
and sometimes even rhyme,
we find peace.
At least for a little while.

© Sarah Doughty


I am the spirit in your bones,
whispers in the walls,
whistling wind by your ear,
and the drug in your veins
that won’t let you forget me.


© Sarah Doughty

Her blog is called Heartstring Eulogies, and is at