The deities that we have worshipped for years are based on real beings, beings that were born in the Yorba Galaxy, on a planet named Basilica. They occasionally allowed the earth dwellers, affectionately called ‘ED’s’ to glimpse them when they were on and about on their missions. They have been watching over the Milky Way ever since it first came into being.

            Basilica is a planet three times the size of Earth, and it is orbited by three moons, which can all sustain life. The Yorba Galaxy is the next galaxy over from the Milky Way.


Oxina is occupied by the sea dwelling deities; it is 98% water, possessing thousands of lakes, all of which have their own unique properties. The most famous of these is one made up of purple water, and known as the sea of eternity. People go when they want to hear the voices of their lost loved ones again.

            Narala is the largest freshwater lake on the entire planet; it occupies 27% of the planet’s surface. It is home to species from across both the Milky Way and Yorba galaxies. There are Bitterlings mingling with Varrones: the Varrone is a bright purple fish that can grow up to six feet in length. It’s a species which is native to the planet Noal, and is their version of a goldfish, but possesses a hard protective exoskeleton.


Parlone is a forest planet, inhabited by the nature deities. The fairies and elves of various mythologies have also made this their home. There is one forest that has trees with leaves of solid gold, and silver. The sky is a deep green, and the weather is controlled by Andreas: the inspiration behind Aeolus the Greek King god of the winds. He and his fellow scientists blow the bad weather away from the planet, keeping things on track. Parlone natives have ability to manipulate nature itself. Some of them can communicate with animals, some with earth, some with birds, some with the weather, others with water.