22. Mar, 2018


I've never been a huge fan of Facebook, given that the majority of the things my facebook friends seem to post are things that they could say in person. It tends to be praising their live in partner, or their children to the skies, things I'm sure are lovely for the person to hear, but don't exactly need to be posted on Facebook. However it has been useful for the burgeoning writing business I'm trying to set up, well until the revelations of the last few days anyway. 

It's clear that the majority of the management of Facebook don't care all that much about the privacy of their members, passing on data without our knowledge, and allowing different companies to know things that they don't necessarily need to. 

My uncle used to be a high level computer programmer, and he still knows a lot about what programmers are able to winkle out of people's personal profiles on social media. It's scary some of the stories that he has told, and makes me very wary of trusting the providers.