23. Mar, 2018


I saw the challenge that Joe Biden had issued to Donald Trump, a offer to beat him up. I was not really surprised, given that Biden has done this before over twitter, but I am still a little disappointed, that he is still treating Trump as a joke. It's not really funny, that a man of Trump's temperament is arguably the most visible politician in the world, and the thought of two seventy plus men indulging in boxing makes a mockery of the institution of President. 

It's also a surprise, obviously I have no real knowledge of Joe Biden's personality, or Trump's either for that matter, I am viewing the two through the prism of their public personas, but after reading Biden's heartfelt and incredibly touching book referencing his son, I had thought he was better than this kind of comment. The man that was displayed in 'Promise me Dad' was far more admirable, that this latest comment would suggest.

However everyone has moments or comments that they wish they could retract, and Joe Biden does have a bit of reputation for speaking before thinking.