26. Mar, 2018


I thought that I had been impressed by the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting before, their composure and articulate statements in the midst of dealing with such a horrific situation was astounding. However when seeing the pictures of the march for our lives, something that they had a hand in organising, I was impressed all over again. Their drive, and determination to sway minds with peaceful demonstrations, and conversation is remarkable. 

They are really something that America should be proud of, that they have had a hand in raising such politically minded, and motivated children, who will stand up for what is right. The statements that have been given out by those in power are not nearly as positive however. Regardless of whether the students who have been delivering polished, and powerful speeches had assistance in crafting their thoughts, they were still able to speak the words to thousands in the crowd, without allowing their still lingering grief and trauma to affect them visibly. 

There were many cleverly worded signs photographed, but one in particular struck a chord. A young African American man called Phil, holding up a sign saying simply 'The Second Amendment was written when I was deemed 3/5 a person', surely instead of clinging to such a outdated amendment that allows fatal shootings to happen at such regular intervals, and means that there is the potential for more American citizens to die or be severely injured, there should be a common sense legal agreement. 

I hope that the movement is successful soon.