19. May, 2018

Royal Wedding

The Royal wedding is obviously a great day for those that actually know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on a personal level, but it's been a great day for me too. 

It's refreshing to have a day where the majority of the news is about how much a couple love each other, after all of the negative events happening in the world right now. What with the issues of Brexit, the Paris Agreement, Windrush scandal, the Iran deal and other things that can inspire hatred and fear. 

I have felt a sympathy and empathy for Prince William and Prince Harry ever since the tragic loss of their mother, and can still remember clearly watching the two of them walking alongside their grandfather, uncle and father behind their mother's coffin, while photographs were taken. I was only fifteen at the time, and didn't fully understand why they had to do that, and being in awe of them for being able to find the strength. I couldn't imagine losing my mother, and wondered how the brothers would heal from such a loss. 

I was glad to see the unfolding of Kate Middleton's relationship with Prince William, and was one of the many who rejoiced in their wedding. That he had found someone to share a committed and loving relationship with him, after suffering that loss. 

I know that a lot of people were hopeful that Prince Harry would find the same, and this day has proven that he has found someone who shares his sensibilities and priorities, as well as the fact of a deep love existing between them. I'm just going by the looks that have been recorded as passing between them, ever since their first official outing before the press. 

It was lovely to see the blending of the couple's different cultural influences such as the Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the Episcopal church giving the service. There was a definite difference in the way that they presented themselves and their religious beliefs, but I personally found the Episcopal preacher's sermon to be inspiring and powerful. 

It was refreshing to see guests and performers who were other than white as well. As a mixed race woman, I have never seen so many faces who share my skin tone and that of my father's participating in and attending a Royal wedding.