1. Jun, 2018

Roseanne Barr

There has been a lot written in the wake of Roseanne Barr's racist tweets which resulted in the cancellation of her programme. She has claimed that it was a joke which went too far, and that she regrets it now, but I'm sorry I don't believe that. I obviously don't know anything of the circumstances in which she sent the tweet out, whether she was chemically altered as she claimed, citing Ambien as a cause behind it, but I doubt that a woman who has been in the public eye for as long as she has been would have been unaware of the potential consquences of revealing her racist tendencies to the wider public. 

I don't know if she genuinely believes in comparing black people to apes, but regardless it's a old fashioned and hurtful position to take, especially for a woman in her position. I know that she is a Trump supporter, and might share some of the views that he has revealed in terms of other nationalities, but it was still a surprise to hear. 

I have not heard such a comparison in many years, and even then it had come from a child. You can understand and forgive such a mindset in a child, given that most of their view points have come from adults that surround them. However it's impossible for me to forgive the same view point when coming from a fully grown adult who has the platform to influence a wide range of people. There is enough hatred and mistrust of those who look different from us in the world at the moment, the last thing that we need as a global society is people causing more division. 

Trump's version of America seems to be shifting relentlessly into a place where it is acceptable to be overtly racist and abusive towards anyone who doesn't resemble you physically, or that doesn't share your personal views. It's a great shame for those that had worked alongside Roseanne Barr on the programme, as obviously all the cast and crew will have to find new positions regardless of whether they were actively against her racist point of view or not.