30. Jan, 2019


This is something that has been bandied about ever since Donald Trump began his presidential campaign. The idea of making America great again, is something that I have found confusing as from the perspective of a United Kingdom resident who believes that people should be treated equally regardless of any characteristic that they can't help, such as their skin colour, their gender, or their sexuality, it seemed that the United States was on their way to being a great country to live in. 

However those that support Trump clearly don't believe that it was great. Obviously I don't know too much about their individual lives and situations, as aside from reading newspaper reports and books which focus on the 'rust belt' states, but there seems to be a hatred being stoked by the Trump administration against anyone that is not a white male. 

This hatred has exploded this week, as a openly gay black actor Jussie Smollett, who stars in a show called Empire, was attacked. The attack was reportedly sparked by the fact that he is black and gay, as the people behind the attack shouted racist and homophobic slurs before the attack. The injuries he suffered, have been revealed to be the result of physical blows, a noose being put around his neck, and bleach being thrown onto his body. 

I don't understand how you could reach a point, when you think that attacking someone based on the fact that they were born loving those of their own sex, is acceptable. Donald Trump deserves a little of the blame for this incident, as he has based his politicial career on targeting anyone who is from a minority.

Thankfully Jussie Smollett has reportedly been discharged from hospital, and was able to get himself there after the attack, so hopefully has not suffered life changing injuries. However regardless of the severity of his injuries, it's appalling to me to think that he was hurt because of something he should be celebrated for. I don't understand how those who believe in 'MAGA' hope to make their country great when attacking other US citizens.