Musings and scribblings

30. Mar, 2018

Just watched The Silent Child, the Oscar winning short film on the BBC. It was a beautifully and realistically written piece of work, well acted by all involved. The relationship between Shenton's character Jo, and Maisie Sly's Libby drew me in, and some of the scenes made me cry. The relationship drawn between Libby and her mother is something that my mum recognised from her own work with deaf children, making it genuine and believable, as was the interaction between the hearing members of Libby's family.


27. Mar, 2018

Just a day after being amazed by some of the best aspects of human beings, I read a story which revealed the opposite. There is a elderly woman who survived the horrors of the Holocaust, only to die at the hands of two men who are reportedly anti-semitic. The reports are that she was stabbed numerous times, and then left to die when her apartment was set on fire on Friday. 

How can people do that? I will never understand how and why you can hate someone so intensely just because of a religious difference, or something else that it is hard for a person to change. 

I hope that the people responsible for this horrible action are held to account, and receive the appropriate legal punishment. 

26. Mar, 2018

I thought that I had been impressed by the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting before, their composure and articulate statements in the midst of dealing with such a horrific situation was astounding. However when seeing the pictures of the march for our lives, something that they had a hand in organising, I was impressed all over again. Their drive, and determination to sway minds with peaceful demonstrations, and conversation is remarkable. 

They are really something that America should be proud of, that they have had a hand in raising such politically minded, and motivated children, who will stand up for what is right. The statements that have been given out by those in power are not nearly as positive however. Regardless of whether the students who have been delivering polished, and powerful speeches had assistance in crafting their thoughts, they were still able to speak the words to thousands in the crowd, without allowing their still lingering grief and trauma to affect them visibly. 

There were many cleverly worded signs photographed, but one in particular struck a chord. A young African American man called Phil, holding up a sign saying simply 'The Second Amendment was written when I was deemed 3/5 a person', surely instead of clinging to such a outdated amendment that allows fatal shootings to happen at such regular intervals, and means that there is the potential for more American citizens to die or be severely injured, there should be a common sense legal agreement. 

I hope that the movement is successful soon. 

23. Mar, 2018

I saw the challenge that Joe Biden had issued to Donald Trump, a offer to beat him up. I was not really surprised, given that Biden has done this before over twitter, but I am still a little disappointed, that he is still treating Trump as a joke. It's not really funny, that a man of Trump's temperament is arguably the most visible politician in the world, and the thought of two seventy plus men indulging in boxing makes a mockery of the institution of President. 

It's also a surprise, obviously I have no real knowledge of Joe Biden's personality, or Trump's either for that matter, I am viewing the two through the prism of their public personas, but after reading Biden's heartfelt and incredibly touching book referencing his son, I had thought he was better than this kind of comment. The man that was displayed in 'Promise me Dad' was far more admirable, that this latest comment would suggest.

However everyone has moments or comments that they wish they could retract, and Joe Biden does have a bit of reputation for speaking before thinking. 

22. Mar, 2018

I've never been a huge fan of Facebook, given that the majority of the things my facebook friends seem to post are things that they could say in person. It tends to be praising their live in partner, or their children to the skies, things I'm sure are lovely for the person to hear, but don't exactly need to be posted on Facebook. However it has been useful for the burgeoning writing business I'm trying to set up, well until the revelations of the last few days anyway. 

It's clear that the majority of the management of Facebook don't care all that much about the privacy of their members, passing on data without our knowledge, and allowing different companies to know things that they don't necessarily need to. 

My uncle used to be a high level computer programmer, and he still knows a lot about what programmers are able to winkle out of people's personal profiles on social media. It's scary some of the stories that he has told, and makes me very wary of trusting the providers.