The Amour Federation also known as the Amour Foundation. Aella set up the Federation soon after she arrived on Earth, after her exile. She was determined to have a network of Guardians to protect those who couldn’t defend themselves. It grew slowly throughout the centuries, and is an international network of hundreds of operatives by 1066 AD.

She owns houses spread on each continent, and creates a time distortion in each of the houses acquired for the federation bases, so that no one grows any older when living there. 

Jennifer of Cleveleys

She fought for the rights of the people in her village. She is a woman who was raised by her mother Sarah to believe in herself and be all that she could be. Her father Robert teaches her the warrior arts and she fights in the crusades at 17. 

Member: Hetty Glass

Hetty is a dreamwalker. She inherited the ability from her grandmother, when she turned twenty one. She was born in Gateshead on 16th March 1820, and has been working for the Amour Federation since she was 45. She lives on Jarleea, and the atmosphere allows her to exist in a almost stasis mode, she has not aged much since her arrival. Hetty is an olive skinned brunette with dark brown eyes. She prefers to have long waves as a standard hairstyle, but will change as the assignment dictates. 

Member: Darryl Overton

Darryl suffered through an accident when he was four, that left him totally blind. He wears sunglasses as a way to obscure what happened to him. He has been working in the Vienna team since 1847, and has developed a close bond with some of the other members. They consider him to be the backbone of the task force.

Member: Hunter Freeman

Hunter joined the ILA in 1910. He is a vampire, who has been involved with the Alliance since 1762. He spent three hundred years raising havoc, and uncaring how many people he hurt, but then in 1760 he met Aella's daughter Esmeralda. Esmeralda was 80% human but possessed a sliver of her mother's longevity and her immense capacity for love, and vitality. It was Esmeralda's spirit that captured Hunter, and he began to crave her company almost as much as he craved blood. He was inspired to learn from her about how to control his bloodlust, and mingle with humans more easily. 

Member: Siana Yelland

Siana was a mod in the 1960s, a pro bono lawyer working in Memphis. She helped the team of that city quite a few times. Her particular connection was with Jim Hardwick as he helped her brother. 


Member: Nathan Yelland

Nathan lived and worked in Salzburg, he was a cafe owner but possessed the capability of manipulating water in all it's forms. He was a avid fan of the Clash and the Sex Pistols throughout the 1970s. 

Member: Ava Ingram

Ava was one of Nathan's waitresses. She was also a police admin assistant. She took a post in the Johannesburg office when her brother Jerod was attacked.

Member: Jerod Ingram

Jerod had been on his first training mission with the Federation when he was attacked by a fire manipulator and received 20% burns all over his body. He was enlisted in the Federation by Stephen Baxter

Member: Lizzie Price

Lizzie worked for Clifford Walsh PR, and was there for the Honda Nighthawk press conference. She only took the job originally because her parents were threatening to cut her off from her twenty million pound trust fund. 

Member: Ben Darcy

Ben Darcy is a free lance photographer. He has worked across the world, and currently is part of the staff at Ride magazine. He met his best friend Lizzie Price at a press conference for the Honda Nighthawk 250 in 1982. 



Member: Sasha Pike

Sasha is a professional singer, who trained as a ballet dancer in her youth, but was forced to give it up because of an ankle injury when she was 20. She was chosen because of her musical expertise, and the fact that she can keep him aware of the feelings of his students. She works at Sarah Lawrence for a number of years.

Member: Helen Rosemont

Helen Rosemont was turned into a vampire by a jealous former boyfriend Adam Ryan, when he realised that she was on the verge of marrying Julian Williams- the man that had ruined Adam’s father’s business. It was in 1949, and she lost her mind after the transformation. The Amour Federation’s vampire department head in Montreal at the time wasn’t able to find her until three months later. She credits the Montreal team with saving her life, and her sanity, giving her a second chance in life. 

Member: Imogen Rivers

Imogen was bitten on the eve of her seventeenth birthday by a werewolf classmate of hers, called Reva Wilson who wanted to be with her. The relationship never got started, as Imogen is only interested in men sexually. She works in the Madrid office.

Member: Isabella Gardener

Isabella Gardener (1543-1570) was a Spanish lady, who had been close friends with Eustace Chapuys when they were small children. She was highly literate, with the ability to understand any language. 

Member: Dylan Ashcroft

Dylan Ashcroft works as a freelance photographer who specialises in wildlife shots. She tends to work quite often in Africa and Asia, and has been an informant for the Federation since 1985. 

Informer: Audrey Grant

Audrey is a telephonist based in Las Vegas during 1945.

Informer: Maria Moss

Maria was a match girl in 1860 Liverpool who came into contact with the ILA in 1860, while she was living in the dock area of Liverpool. She was inspired to join the ranks of informers when she realised that Aella truly wanted to help her and her brother. She also heard the rumours of how the members had been with the homeless and criminals of London. 

Informer: Daniel Clayton

Daniel was a trumpet player and part time bartender born in Atlanta before moving to Chicago in 1918. 

Informer: Olivia Winter

Olivia was a actress who worked in London during the 1780s.