Hobbies (Snippet)

"So what do you do for fun around here?" He asks the question of the whole group, curious about what there is to do at night, in this relatively quiet town. He is particularly interested in what the quiet brunette has to say though, she had attracted his attention from the moment he spotted her incredible eyes.

"We dance, drink and screw," the brunette replies, her bluntness quite a surprise given how young and innocent she appears to be. She downs another shot of Tequila, "You up for it?"


Copyright Emily Morris 2017

Lonely Girl (Snippet)

She's determined that she is not going to go another day suffering under the same weight as she has been doing.

It's crushing her, the darkness submerging her passionate interest in the people around her, and she can feel her spirit dying a little more everyday.


Words copyright Emily Morris 2017


“So I’ve found my breakfast, what are you lot having?” She holds the spoon up, as she tightens the circle of her arm around a jar of Nutella which is roughly the same size as her head.


"It's all your fault. If you die then he will come back to lead us," Onearle's certainty burns out of his eyes.

"No he won't. I'm sorry but he's happy with me and the family we're building," her hand comes to rest, without thought across the slight swelling of her belly. The gesture goes unseen by Onearle though as with a roar of rage he runs her through.

"Aella!!" Massimo's bellow of fury shakes the very foundations of the surrounding houses, and he runs full pelt to catch her when she falls.


Copyright Emily Morris 2017

Keep Calm

Aella endeavoured to keep the smile on her face, as he pulled her closer with his hand resting possessively over her stomach. She could smell the whiskey on his breath and wondered how so many human women had been captivated by him over the years. ‘God I hope that the Extollian fighter gets here soon’

‘Me too,’ Massimo’s deep rumble came over loud and clear. Her lover stood to attention close by the bar, and she immediately felt calmer at having him close. His imposing frame that repelled others, had always made her feel safe and loved. ‘I hate these kind of cases, and I just…’ his thoughts were distracted by the flash of orange light coming from a spot close by the toilets in the back of the bar.


Copyright Emily Morris 2017

All that matters


He can feel it in her kiss, the extremes of emotion that whirl within her slight frame. Her hand comes to rest at the base of his neck, the skin on skin contact giving him direct access to all of her thoughts and memories. The things that he sees inside her head, both terrify and excite him. She has only been seeing him when she thinks about the future for the last three months.

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She screams in agony, her body contorted off the warm sand as blood gushes from the wound to her belly. I keep my hand on her cheek, and force myself to glance down at her stomach. I vow then and there that Oreale will pay for this. He's robbed me of the only future that I've ever truly wanted, that of spending time with my wife and child. I have to stop the train of thought as there will be plenty of time for revenge later. 




Copyright Emily Morris 2017