Aftermath of CreateSpace Talk

The experience of giving the talk was interesting, as only one person, Peter Ford was able to attend, well aside from my parents that is. It devolved into more of a discussion, than me giving a speech and then questions. It was nice, and Peter once again inspired me, giving me some ideas about further promotion. 


CreateSpace Talk

I'm gearing up to give a talk about using CreateSpace. It's in part inspired by the fact that a fellow writer Peter Ford, suggested it after the first talk. I feel a little more confident, after the reaction that I received from the audience. 

Hopefully, people will attend although it has been a nightmare trying to get the publicity together. I have been trying to get a poster done, but the freelancers that I have contacted, have been unable to do what I need in the time span, because of their workload. 

I created the poster to the right myself and hope that it will be enough to attract some attention. 

After the talk at Heysham Library

It's been a long time since I was so nervous. I think it was worse just before I started because I was talking about something that I had been working on for a long time. It helped that I knew all of the people that were listening, and that they had always been very supportive and reassuring about the things that I had been writing. 

They were also kind enough to buy the book and ask questions. The fact that so many of the writing group I'm part of, came down, as well as a member of Heysham Library's own writing group, a lady that I've known for quite a while, and the founders of a local open mic night all came gave me tremendous self-confidence, and boosted me up. 

It went well enough that I have decided to give more talks, in a bid to both boost my self-confidence at speaking in public, and get a better profile for my book in the local area. 

Talk at Heysham Library

I am going to be giving a talk about the background behind my book, at my local library on the 28th April. I'm excited and nervous at the prospect, and keeping my fingers crossed that some people apart from friends or family will come down. 




I got my first review on Amazon recently. Much to my surprise it was a four star one and has given me a great surge in self-confidence. It was a family member who took the time, this time, but he's not the type to pander to me if he didn't believe that it was good. 

He wrote 'A lively conversational style between young people as the truth about a mother's past life is uncovered. I enjoyed it a lot'


Notable Events in Lancaster during the 1800s

I've done quite a bit of research into the events and people in Lancaster, and the immediate surrounding area during the 1800s, over the last few years. 

In 1801: the local papers reported several things including 

  • The execution of eight men on Sept 12, one of which Isaac Rhodes was only charged with stealing calico. None of their crimes exactly seemed to be that bad, with the possible exception of John Rhodes, a highway robber. It doesn't detail whether they had physically hurt anyone when they committed the crimes. 
  • Robert Bradshaw of Halton Hall died on Oct 6th. He had been a prominent landowner and was a rather eccentric character by all accounts. He was succeeded by his son. 
  • Four men escaped from Lancaster Castle on Dec 5th 

Paperback of Kids in America

The paperback version is available to buy, for £4.84

The kindle version is a little over £2.00



I actually managed to finish my novella, 'Kids in America' last night. Going to check out cover designs, today and then publish on createspace. 



I've always written the same way, I sit down at the computer, boot up the internet, and open several windows, one for email, one for youtube and one for Google Drive. I have to have a playlist going, something that has over a thousand different songs in it at the minute, although I will sometimes just play television clips, or interviews, depending on what I have to get done that day. 

I just wondered, of the people out there, that write themselves, what do you do? How important is listening to music, while writing to you? 

15. Mar, 2016

I think that I might actually finish the body of the novella today, I've only got to finish the linking pieces between the last few diary entries. I looked at a few possible cover designs, yesterday and it's becoming very real, very exciting that I'm going to finally have my own published book very soon. 

14. Mar, 2016


I'm getting quite excited, as after a weekend of almost non stop writing, I've nearly finished the novella, introducing the family that will form the backdrop of my era straddling novel, which includes parts set in the eleventh century, the nineteenth century, the far future, a alien world and the twenty first century amongst others.