Sara Lyon

The mysterious Sara has a lot of secrets concealed beneath her facade of a devoted mother and wife. It is the most recent of Aella Tharte's lives, and the one that she tried very hard to hold onto. 

Mary Lyon

Mary is the present day narrator of Kids in America. She was raised by her mother Sara and her father Jared until she lost her mother when she was ten. She is driven to research her mother after discovering at eighteen just how unusual her mother was. 

Luc Lyon

Luc is Mary's younger brother. He is a laidback character, who is very close to his twin sister Dawn. He knew a little bit of his mother's past before Mary finds out the truth. He and Dawn adapt faster to the new reality of their lives, than Mary does. 

Fritz Greene

Fritz Greene is a werewolf expert. He learnt first hand about them, as his sister Annika was bitten when she was only three. He was eight years her elder, and managed to keep her special abilities a secret from their neighbours. 

Caggie Mills

Caggie Mills was married to Francis Hyland for nearly six years, before their relationship soured due to their differing priorities. She married Adrian Pearce three years after their divorce. She is a member of the Parisian branch of the Amour Foundation. 

Meredith Russo

Meredith was capable of healing with a touch. She was a military police officer for a decade. 

Julie Miller

Julie Miller was a croupier, working in the Palms casino in 1950. She had been brought up in New York, but wanted to live in the desert. Julie’s a shrewd woman, born in 1929. Her father killed himself the week that she was born, as he lost all his money in the Wall St Crash, and her mother was forced to bring her daughter up in Central Park’s Hooverville. The experience shaped everything else in Julie’s life, as she vowed that she would never let herself feel that again. Julie manages the Las Vegas cell.