A Perfect Day

This poem is based around my sister's wedding day, which took place at Leighton Hall. It's a country house not far away from Lancaster, which has a connection with the Gillow family

The old building is alive with anticipation of what will happen
The music room fairly buzzing with the happiness spilling from the guests 
The myriad of different fabrics and colours
Glinting beneath the curious touch of those thin gold fingers that come 

Darting through the mullioned panes
The ethereal digits tug at trousers and dresses indiscriminately
The walls ring with the chatter of the occupants'
They're excited to be here on this incredible day, faces wreathed in smiles

Then the chatter is paused, the sound of the piano makes
As one, the congregation turn to face the door
Soft gasps are heard, dragged out at the sight of the glowing bride
Who glides gracefully on her father's arm down the aisle

The silence is broken by a little girl's exclamation of recognition
Her joyful remark causes laughter to gush out from the congregation
Vibrating off the vividly decorated walls, the sound tumbles freely
Through the empty corridors, and sets the tone for this ceremonyThren

Then once they are joined and the register is signed
The bride walks out of the room, on the groom's arm
The affection that they inspire from the congregation is evident
From the looks that reside on the faces present, as the applause rings out

The reaction of the guests to watching these two people that are so important
In their lives, agree to spend the rest of their lives together on this perfect day
Is visible in the events that unfold throughout the following hours

The speeches that were given by the father of the bride and the groom
All filled with emotion which strikes a chord with the majority of the listeners
Tears starting to sparkle in the fading sunlight

The bride and groom's first dance 
Is curtailed early, as their friends fill the dance floor
Eager to share in this moment with them
As they have shared in this perfect day


Copyright Emily Morris 2016


Standing before the front door 
Watching him walk away 
Something breaks in her, she wants more 
She runs after him, not knowing that he sees her as an easy lay  


Copyright Emily Morris 2012