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Top ten bedroom storage ideas

The art of keeping a small bedroom tidy, can overwhelm all of us at times. Regardless of your good intentions, if your room is what estate agents can refer to as ‘cosy’ then there are going to be times when your floor will look more like a jumble sale. If your possessions seem to be sneaking out, and taking over the space in your bedroom more and more often, then there are options.

  1. Have a freestanding PVC shoe caddy to keep each pair together and off the floor.
  2. Buy some storage drawers and customise them to fit in with your existing interior décor scheme. It’s a way to reduce your clothes storage, without using bulky furniture such as a chest of drawers.
  3. Use vertical bookshelves which are attached to the wall, to create more space
  4. Make the most of the space by using any area for hanging units, even the end of the bed. It’s only suitable for small items though.
  5. Make sure that furniture can double up in functions, such as having a storage unit double as a workspace. Something like a free standing cabinet is perfect for that.
  6. You can use a footstool as a night stand to make a little more room. 
  7. If your back is up to it, use a chest of drawers as a makeshift bed, and simply put the bedding on top of it.
  8. Use a shelved caddy instead of a bedside table in order to keep things that are important to you close at hand.
  9. Hang your laundry basket on the back of your door, to replace a standing one which takes up quite a lot of room
  10. Install a tension rod in any alcoves and use them to store lightweight items such scarves or ties. 

Mr Fry

About Us

Mr Fry is a family run fish and chip shop located in Strood in Kent, which is dedicated to delivering the best food we can possibly can. We never cook in hydrogenated fats, and make sure that it’s always less than 1% trans fat. At Mr Fry, all fish and most other items are cooked to order, so that the food is always very fresh, and meets the top level required by food safety guidelines.

Our passion for giving our customers an excellent service, has driven us to start our own online delivery scheme. Our customers can relax in their own homes, select whichever item off Mr Fry’s extensive freshly prepared menu, and then wait for the meal to be either delivered straight to their door, or ready to be collected. We offer the option of paying online, or by cash when receiving the food. Mr Fry offers free home delivery, no matter where the customer lives in our delivery area.

Causes of Cold Feet

Potential causes of cold feet

There are many things that can cause you to suffer from cold feet, some more serious than others.

Diabetes: it can cause nerve damage if you have very high blood sugar levels for long periods of time.

Raynaud’s disease: affects blood supply, and is usually triggered by cold weather, stress and anxiety.

Anorexia Nervosa: the determination to limit their food intake which drives those suffering from Anorexia Nervosa means that they commonly develop poor circulation and hypothermia amongst other things.

Sedentary lifestyle: if your job requires sitting for long periods, such as being in an office then it can mean that your circulation isn’t performing to an optimal level

Lack of exercise can cause poor circulation 

Long-term smokers

As the causes behind feeling cold in your feet, can vary so much and can potentially be something life threatening it is best to consult a medical professional. They can diagnose what is the underlying reason for your cold extremities, and give you a clear plan to take care of it.

If the underlying reason is something that you can take care of yourself, then there are things that other people have found effective, to help themselves deal with cold feet.

If it is lack of exercise for example, then you might want to try these:

Stand on your tiptoes for one minute

Come down onto your heels slowly

Repeat for ten minutes


When sitting

Rotate your foot from the ankle clockwise

Rotate your foot back the other way

Repeat this between ten and twenty times


Walk alternately on your toes and your heels for ten minutes

Use your toes to pick up an item such as a cloth from the floor, as many times as you are able.


Other Remedies

Warm oil massage

Warm a little olive/coconut or sesame oil in the microwave for a few seconds. The oil depends on your personal preference.

Apply the oil to one of your cold feet

Gently but firmly massage the foot from toe to ankle for ten minutes

Do the same on the other foot

After completing the massage put on cotton socks

Do this daily before bed for as long as you need

Hydrotherapy: cold and warm water soaks

These provide different benefits as the cold water reduces symptoms and the warm improves the circulation.

Fill two basins or tubs one with cold water and the other with warm

Make sure that you're sitting comfortably

Soak your feet in the cold water for two minutes

Switch to the warm water for one minute

Alternate the times for fifteen minutes

Pat dry and put on warm socks

Repeat as many times as you want each day


Green Tea

It improves blood vessels’ function and so you might want to drink two or three cups a day.

Ginger promotes healthy blood circulation

Simmer one tablespoon of sliced ginger in a cup of water for ten minutes.

Strain the liquid

Add raw honey

Drink two or three times a day

UN Certified Containers suitable for food

What is a UN Certified Container?

The UN keeps strict regulations over items passing across European borders, both in terms of the containers surrounding the item and what type of product is inside. They are determined to make sure that everyone within the European community, are safe.

Food containers

Anyone who is involved in the preparation and transportation of food and drink, such as caterers or even those that just brew beer at home need to feel confident that the containers are safe. They would not like the idea of their carefully produced food might be adversely affected by the plastic of the container.

The fact that the containers are intended for such important use, the plastic is created to a very high standard. Regardless of their intended use, whether the container is a bucket, a tub or other sizing, there is going to be far less recycled plastics involved in the construction. Harmful dyes, and any plasticiser chemicals will also be guaranteed to be kept out of the construction process of UN Certified containers, to avoid the risk that the foodstuffs inside might be infected.

There will never be any leakage when using the UN Certified Containers, and also there will be none of the unpleasant smell that can occur when using brand new plastic containers.

How can you tell if your container is UN certified?

It can be as simple as looking for a small triangle with a code number identifying what kind of plastic your container is made from. You will also see a fork symbol and that of a wine glass, which lets you know that the container is truly UN Certified as being safe for food and drink preparation and storage.

Warning about reusing containers

If you decide to use a food grade plastic container to store something that is non-edible, then you are strongly advised to continue storing items of a similar type. Don’t store paint, and then expect to be able to safely store food in the same container. 

Catalytic Converters

What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is used within cars and motorcycles’ exhaust systems and converts emissions that could pollute the environment into something less harmful to the world around us. It does this by converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, altering hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water, and helping to change nitrogen oxide back to nitrogen and oxygen.

Why recycle a catalytic converter?

It’s become more and more common for people to recycle scrap catalytic converters over the last few years, and there are a number of different reasons for this.

  1. Some scrap catalytic converter buyers and sellers choose to enter the recycling business because they are driven to make sure that there is less pollution so that future generations are able to enjoy the planet’s natural resources. Using recycled metals is known to cut air pollution by 80%, and means that there is 76% less water pollution.
  2. Some want to make money as well, and if you find a business that offers you a fair price on your catalytic converter then you might well be able to get a regular income from it.
  3. If you do become a regular recycler of scrap metal including catalytic converters, then there is a possibility that the firm you deal with most often might be able to reduce some of your costs. They might be able to get you in touch with people to offer you a discounted waste disposal fee.

There is a demand for the materials used in catalytic converters, such as rhodium, and platinum which can earn you a good deal of money.




Hiring a events company


There are many reasons why people plan events, such as marriages, engagement parties, birthdays, and christenings. Rather than enjoying the event, many people involved in the planning actually spend most of the time worrying about the little details, and don’t enjoy themselves. It’s particularly difficult for those who already juggle full time work, and family commitments, to devote time to planning an event. There are a lot of different things to think about, such as what the event will be, how many people will come, the decorations, and what the total cost will be.

Anyone who has had to plan a corporate event as part of their job, will know that it’s even more stressful than planning something for your friends or family. The event can be vital for the company’s continued success, such as launching a new product while team bonding events can help raise morale amongst the workforce.

Reduce your stress levels

Hiring an event planner is a way of still having control over the details but being able to enjoy the event as well. If you hire the right person, then the process can be easier and cheaper as well.

A professional and well trained event planner will be able to create a package that fits your budget, and your ideas about what makes the perfect event. Any reputable company will have experience of dealing with events of varying sizes, and if you chose to hire a firm then it’s guaranteed that you will have a time to remember.

There are well respected events planning firms across the country, but some of the best have their base in the capital. DTB is one of the most highly respected of the UK’s event planning companies.

Top ten reasons to hire a corporate event planning business

  1. Keeping costs down. An experienced company will be able to put on the best event regardless of a client’s personal budget.
  2. Knowledge & Experience. If you hire a professional firm, they will have knowledge of how to prevent problems from arising. They will know what to do if something does go wrong.
  3. Expert Impartial Advice. The best event planning companies will have no bias towards a particular vendor or venue, and will help you get the elements you want for the perfect event.
  4. Reputable - Reliable – Recommended. If you choose an established firm, they will know who to work with and how the industry works.
  5. Marketing the Event. Whenever a client wants the event marketed, a professional event planner will be able to find the best way to get the news out.  
  6.  It will look stunning. Professional event planners are aware of details that most DIY event planners would not realise. They are able to make a room look better than the client even thought was possible.
  7. You’ll host your event at the right place. Your event planner will help you choose the place that fits what you want from the event.
  8. Flexible. Flexibility is important, as some things will have to be changed slightly given the availability of certain items.
  9. Dedicated Account Manager. DTB offers clients’ a Dedicated Account Manager is a personal point of contact for the duration of their account with the company.


Denver Airport Rentals


Denver Airport Rentals offer those flying into Denver, a chance to explore this interesting city in comfort. Denver was part of the US gold rush, founded in 1858 as a gold mining town.

It is a town rightly proud of it’s history, and one that offers a wide variety of things to do. Denver is home to numerous museums, galleries and restaurants. Here are ten of the most popular things to experience in Denver and the surrounding area.

  1. Denver Botanic Gardens. It’s spread out in three places across the city, and has a large amphitheatre where the city puts on regular summer concerts. It’s a great place to relax, even though you’re still in the middle of a large city.
  2. Shop downtown. It’s a curious mix of urban chic and wild west. There are vintage bookshops in the 16th street mall. There are some great places to eat in lower downtown. You'll stumble upon live music in various bars and restaurants every night of the week here.
  3. Pet a Stingray. Denver’s Aquarium is home to more than 500 species of fish and marine life. They are exhibited in freshwater and oceanic ecosystems in a million gallons of water. One exhibit is interactive, and gives visitors the opportunity to touch the stingrays.
  4. Feed your imagination. Visit one of Denver’s museums, such as Denver Art Museum, featuring international work and extensive 19th-century photography showcasing the American West.
  5. Catch a baseball game. Coors Field is the home of the Colorado Rockies, and is the highest elevated park in Major League Baseball. It has it’s own brewery based at the Field.
  6. Cool down. Water World is less than ten miles from Denver, and is one of the USA’s largest water parks. There are a lot of different slides, but one of the most popular is
  7. Take a hike. Red Rocks Park is huge, stretching nearly 900 acres. The Trading Post Trail is 1.4-mile-long and weaves through the rust-coloured buttes, making for some spectacular scenery. The park is about sixteen miles away from Denver, but is free to get in and is open every day. Music fans might want to see the amphitheater, which has hosted such headliners as The Beatles, Tom Petty and John Denver.
  8. Spend time in the Capitol. Colorado’s Capitol building is in Denver itself, and holds a good deal of the state’s history within it’s walls.
  9. Visit Molly Brown. The ‘Unsinkable’ Molly Brown was one of the fortunate few who survived the sinking of the Titanic. She lived a interesting life after the disaster, and her home is still standing in Denver.
  10. Go Skiing. The ski resorts in Colorado are known across the world, particularly Aspen. Aspen has been synomous with skiing for a number of years. However other ski resorts in the state such as Breckenridge are fast becoming globally well known.  Breckenridge is a hundred miles away from Denver.




The unseen dangers of Camber Sands


The beauty of Camber Sands can be deceptive, and lead even those that are observant of their personal safety into terrible danger, as was discovered, by the five young men who had joined 25,000 other British residents on the beach, on 24th August, the hottest day of the year.

Kuruѕhаnth Srithavarajah, Kobikanthan Saththiyanathan, his younger brother Kеnugаn, Inthushan Sriskantharasa, and Nithаrѕаn Ravi simply wanted to have fun at the seaside like thousands of other British residents. They had travelled from their homes in South East London’s Tamil community. They had been a close knit group for a long time before arriving at Camber Sands, and wanted to have fun on that day, as they had so many others before.

Kenugan and Inthushan were enjoying the cooling water after the heat of the sun, but were unaware of the quicksand in that particular stretch of beach. As soon as Kobikanthan, Kurushanth and Nitharsan realised that their friends were in danger, like many people would like to imagine they would do in such a situation, they attempted to help them. They did not think about their own personal safety, and courageously tried to get Kenugan and Inthushan free from the quicksand and mud which had surrounded them.

The beach was packed with many other sun seekers, but none of them were equipped to help the five, as they struggled, and were in clear difficulties. Camber Sands’ unpredictable and fast moving tide, might be one of the reasons behind the tragedy for their families, their friends and anyone who knew them. Unfortunately at present the reasons remain unknown.

Kobikanthan, Kurushanth and Nitharsan lost their lives at 2pm that day, whereas it took until eight o’clock that evening before Kenugan and Inthushan were found.

It has long been a problem throughout beach resorts in the United Kingdom, that there are not enough trained professionals who have the ability to keep people safe from unexpected dangers in the sea. There have been too many easily preventable tragedies over recent years, and many of them have occurred on that particular beach.

Josie Holloway has been campaigning since the death last month of 19 years old Brazilian, Gustavo Silva Da Cruz, who had been visiting his father in London. She is a long time Camber resident, and knows that each summer, people get into difficulties because of the sandbars, quicksand and mud which lurk beneath the waters of this particular beach.

If the local council, had followed her recommendations, and pleas to copy Bournemouth’s example and have a visible lifeguard presence then it is more than likely that Kenugan, Inthushan, Kobikanthan and Nitharsan would have been celebrating Kuruѕhаnth’s twenty eighth birthday with him on the 25th August.

There must be changes made by the councils of seaside towns, in a bid to make their beaches safer for all their residents, regardless of the level of their swimming ability. Many United Kingdom school children do have some form of swimming lessons, but the natural dangers of sandbars, and quicksand mean that even the strongest swimmer struggles. There should be more attention given to teaching British residents of the many dangers of the sea in this country, so that nothing like this ever happens again. 

Sagonda (Press Release)

Do you have trouble navigating how to get the world's finest luxuries? Perhaps you always want the best but are never too sure how to go about it? Then this is the perfect service for you.

Sagonda & Company is a lifestyle management company, which is offering tailor-made lifestyle services to give you access to the best products and experiences in the world.

The team is made up of highly experienced and in-demand professionals, who can create a once in a lifetime experience. They will help plan events as varied as an extravagant and high profile wedding, or an intimate and exclusive party.

Whatever your personal preferences are, we at Sagonda will make it happen, and give you a memory which will last a lifetime.

 Services that Sagonda offer


The team will do the searching for the client, whether they are looking for a bespoke suit, a pair of heels, or a designer watch. The client will be able to rest easy that the items that they desire will be found.



Clients can truly relax and enjoy a spectacular break, knowing that every detail has been planned and taken care of. We at Sagonda will organise it all, from the luxury transport to the opportunity to stay on a private island.



Our internationally in demand party planners will create an experience tailor made for you.



Sagonda can locate artists’ work for you, whether they are internationally known, or up and coming.



We will help with both finding a property and organising the moving process once the dream home has been found.



Whichever mode of transport you need whether it’s a private jet, helicopter or luxury car, you can rely on Sagonda to find it for you.


Interior Design

We have connections with highly sought after interior designers, who will able to truly make clients’ homes reflect their personalities and personal tastes.

Content for Dog training website

Training your dog can be difficult if you're attempting to do it for the first time, or the dog hasn’t experienced any proper training before. However with a kind manner, and a lot of patience, anyone is capable of training their dog.

It will take a long time, as you need to do it in small sessions. The usual recommended thought is to have sessions that don't last longer than fifteen minutes. You don't want to have the dog that you're training getting bored, and distracted during a longer session. You can have sessions two or three times a day though, making the dog training about repetition.

Start with something rather basic, such as 'sit'. When the dog manages that task, and sits for you then move on to other commands like 'stay' or 'lie down'.

Distractions are something that you should avoid as much as possible. Take the dog that you are training somewhere quiet, and try to remove anything that might distract you. It's not good to have to take business calls, when you're in the middle of the training session. It's best to not have the first few sessions at a location where a lot of other dogs and owners go.

Removing problems during the sessions

Don't be nervous if things don't go exactly to plan. The dog is likely to dislike some of the training, and may display some levels of defiance or aggression, depending on the breed and the dog's own temperament. If this happens, don't give up, you need to try to turn the dog's attention to something good.

However irritated or angry you get, try to keep yourself calm and confident. You're the boss, don't let the session end up like something from 'Marley and Me'. It's best to end the training session when you see the dog becoming tired, or bored.

Positive reinforcement

It's a good idea to give rewards whenever the dog achieves a task, as it will mean that the training is a positive thing in the dog's brain.

1.      Treats are the thing that most people think of when it comes to rewards. There are a lot of different types of dog snacks, available in supermarkets these days. Give them a part of a snack whenever they do something that you have commanded.

2.      Games are a good way to keep the dog active, as well as rewarding them for getting something done. You can make a training session into a game, by asking them to 'sit' or 'stay' before producing a ball for a tug of war, if they follow your command.

3.      Being outdoors can be a reward. This is commonly used when housetraining the dog. Take them to the same spot each time that they need to relieve themselves. If they stay in the same spot for the action, then take them on a short walk. When done enough times, the dog will understand that relieving themselves in the same place means that they get to explore the local area.

4.      Your attention is something that most dogs crave from their owners. It's one of the best rewards that they can get, to be able to snuggle with you. You can do this, by waiting for your dog to come to you for a pat. Instead of giving the dog what they want immediately, ask them to 'sit'. Once the dog has followed the command, then give them some physical affection, like a pat, or a cuddle. If the dog you are training doesn’t do as you ask, then walk away for a little while before trying again.

5.      Playing with other dogs is a good reward as just like humans, many dogs love to socialise with each other. So make your dog see that good behaviour will mean that you allow plenty of play time with other canines.

Professional dog trainers

If you prefer to leave it to someone with a lot of experience, then there are a lot of options. Many professional dog trainers offer private training, which could be best for those dogs who don't deal well with other dogs, or have issues that mean it's not suitable to have them around other people currently.

Some dog training businesses offer online courses for you, so that you can become knowledgeable and then follow the steps without paying someone else.

If your dog is a sociable type, and you think that it would benefit them, then a group session is also an option. 

Impact Sessions

West End Impact offer help to everyone that needs it, whether it's food or advice that is needed the most


We at West End Impact know the importance of eating well is often lost when people are in difficulties, whether the difficulty people are going through is borne of economic, physical or mental reasons, or a combination of it all. Everyone deserves and needs a helping hand every so often, and that is what we give people.


We give people, nutritious meals and a warm place to come and socialise twice a week.


We offer breakfast, and a two course lunch on Thursdays and Sundays.

Breakfast is self service, with toast, tea, juice and coffee on offer. It is served from 10 am.


Lunch tends to be a hot main, and a dessert, both of which are delicious and very filling. It is served from 11.30 to 1pm. There are regular volunteers, who deliver the food, working hard to serve others but never losing their good humour.


It is through the kindness of our volunteers, and local businesses who donate food that we are able to feed on average thirty people a week in each sitting.



There is a drop in session open to all, where you can get help and advice on a range of different topics, which are important to the residents of the West End.

Each person who comes in seeking advice, is given the information in a one on one session. Each conversation is treated with strict confidentiality, and the person receiving the information is given the option of receiving further support. The team will phone and email the relevant departments on your behalf if that is what you need, or photocopy documents, and help with form filling. Each conversation is directed by you, the person needing help and advice, the volunteers take the cue from you.


Rachel offers advice about benefits, which is important to many people. It can be difficult to find enough time to discuss things with people in the job centre, and Rachel offers one on one time for anyone that needs it.


A recent addition to the team of volunteers offering advice is Clair.

Clair runs a period poverty bank, giving concrete support and knowledge on issues specific to women. She hands out tampons, sanitary towels and will help those suffering period related illnesses to deal with medical staff. She is very knowledgeable and approachable, and offers the service regularly as well as advising the West End Health Centre.

It is very important, and inspired one person to write a poem about their feelings


The Real People
In they come through the door, slopping their tea across the floor
 but we don't mind just mop it up, they can always go and refill their cups.

We give them food, information, advice, cos basically it's nice to be nice.
At times it tests us and we ask ourselves, why?
But I've seen despair, we've seen them cry.

So on they go, we watch them leave, we hope they find peace, we have to believe.
Young and old, weak and feeble, we won't stop doing this,
as they are real people.